Artist’s Statement

I never know what will happen next in the creative process and I love the element of discovery when using new materials. This new work is created with encaustic ( beeswax), copper patina and a variety of materials such as gold leaf to make the pieces work in a sculptural form in two dimensions as the creation is done in layers and textures. In some of the art I actually cut woodblocks and print them several times and then tear them up and use them to create movement and action in the art.

Often I will use found objects that do add special interest to the art. In the past my work has included a broad assortment of elements and media in both two and three dimensions. The work is based on organic, primitive subjects that are found in nature and influences from personal experience. I am surprised at times to see forms grow out of the materials I use. These are welcome surprises and add enjoyment to the challenges of creation

Building the Cancer Ribbon for the fund raising even. Placed in Roseville Civic Center Rotunda .

I hope you enjoy viewing some creations by going into the Gallery location on this web site

* Please note: all works have been copyrighted.